Brand Characteristics

Like all stories, this one has an auspicious beginning, a strong middle, and a quite happy ending. It begins amidst a soaring hilltop in the Italian Alps in the village of San Damiano. It’s an unpretentious place whose townspeople maintain a precious secret: La Fonte Coralba. The mountains catch rainwater, then, and this is the fascinating middle part of our story, it traverses through 500 metres of solid rock, emerging in naturally fi ltered perfection. Gaze upon it at this point and you see astonishing clarity. We are dutifully charged with protecting this impeccable water, and as such, anyone roaming these beautiful mountains is subject to the local laws protecting the purity and integrity of the mountains. Once collected, we capture this perfect water in a bottle that is strong and minimalist, a portal leading to wonder. But what flows from it, is what’s truly worth savouring. This is Coralba. Let the velvety texture linger on your tongue, the epitome of a balanced taste and unique fl avor courtesy of nature. It’s here that our tale brings you both the promised happy ending and an exciting beginning. Because the secret that the villagers have kept to themselves for generations can now be shared with you in every bottle of perfection we call Coralba


the perfect water

Today, enjoying a meal means not just caring about what we eat, but also what we drink and how they come together to produce great pleasure (alt. utter satisfaction). In  bringing Coralba to your table we fully embrace that thought. From source to glass, Coralba retains its natural yet refi ned taste, a velvety consistency. Due to its low salt and trace mineral content, Coralba is a truly exceptional complement to any meal. Coralba brings perfection to your table.