Brand Characteristics

Meet fayrouz

the unique blend of malt and fruit

Think turqoise

If you´re up for a refreshing and non-alocoholic drink, it´s time to tase something new: Dayrouz.

Fayrouz is made of all natural ingredients, but it´s also natural in many other ways.

The name comes from a turqoise gemstone found in the sinai desert, and Fayrouz is also one of the most beautiful colurs in nature: turqoise.

Drink different

Fayrouz is not your average drink. It´s a unique blend of malt, real fruit and sparkling water. Free from preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours.

And Fayrouz is also free of conventions. That´s why it´s available in two distinctive and not-so-average flavours.



discover unexpected freshness
Meet Fayrouz Pineapple. a unique combination of malt, pineapple and sparkling water: natural, crisp and mildly sweet. So fresh, you´ll be surprised.


experience unbelievable richness
Meet Fayrouz Pear. a unique combination of malt, pear and sparkling water: full of taste, natural, ripe and wonderfully juicy. so rich, you´ll hardly believe it.