Coralba glass bottle

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12 x 750 ml
24 x 250 ml

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Today, enjoying a meal means not just caring about what we eat, but also what we drink and how they come together to produce great pleasure (alt. utter satisfaction). In bringing Coralba to your table we fully embrace that thought. From source to glass, Coralba retains its natural yet refi ned taste, a velvety consistency. Due to its low salt and trace mineral content, Coralba is a
truly exceptional complement to any meal. Coralba brings perfection to your table.
Coralba fi ts seamlessly into many desirable locations. The design of the bottle surely adds
glamour to the table, but it’s Coralba’s taste that truly sets it apart. Both features make our  water a much-appreciated drink at fi ne restaurants, banquet tables, airport lounges or as an
unexpected welcome in a hotel room. As you savour its balanced taste and soft texture you see how Coralba can be harmoniously paired with any food and wine. Your guests, whether friends or business associates, will appreciate this bit of perfection in any place they encounter it.

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750 ml, 250 ml


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